View Full Version : Ubisoft, question

05-18-2017, 08:25 PM
If there are 3 factions, why did you come out with only 2 characters. One from samurai and other from knights, what happen to the Vikings new character. Wouldn't it if made more sense to release 3 characters? Or am I just stupid. Or is it because you were losing players and had to do something to get them back?

What you said on live stream that players will be in games where it matches there skills is a bunch of bs. Lvl 1 centurion getting matched with a reknown 22 orochi, also when I get kicked for the ****ty player to player connection it says contact Ubisoft support or rest your wifi, how many times will 1 person have to reset their wifi. But I'll give it to you, you guys did something about the player to player connection. Instead of just numbers when you get kicked, they added please contact Ubisoft support! ****You! What about you give us a number to call for every person that gets kicked, i bet you'll fixed the problem in an instant. One more thing ****YOU!