View Full Version : An Interesting Mechanic (?) With Shinobi

05-18-2017, 07:12 PM
I've noticed on the battlefield that, because Shinobi can attack from a distance, if you happen to be engaged in a 1v1 with someone else a Shinobi can be sitting way off screen and throw interrupting chip damage at you, and there's virtually no way to react to it, you'll just see his kusarigama pop out of the corner and sting you like a bee, but you won't see the Shinobi ahead of time to react to it. Normally with other heroes the camera will expand when new enemies approach so you can at least react to how their attacks are telegraphed, whereas with the Shinobi they'll be sitting so far off screen that not only will you not even know that another enemy is nearby (as the camera doesn't expand to reveal their presence), but by the time the incoming attack indicator pops up you're already caught unawares and hit.

This leads to another interesting mechanic (?) with the character: his Scorpion tether GB from a distance. If he throws it over a ledge and pulls you, you'll actually be dragged into the ledge. This would be fine if you could see it coming and react to it, but I've already played in matches (especially on Overwatch Objective C) where one enemy opponent will engage you near the ledges, and then a Shinobi will sneak hover in the distance behind you out of sight, and then in the midst of your 1v1 will GB you from a distance and pull you into the pits. I don't know if this is intended or not, but it's quite difficult to react to it in the heat of battle, almost like you're randomly getting GB'd and ledge tossed by an invisible opponent. It would be one thing if this was a feat with limited one-shot kill use, but this is an instantly reusable mechanic for Shinobi: I've already watched as multiple teammates were dragged into the abyss one after another in short shrift.

This may or may not be playing into the character's "operating from the shadows" mythos, which is admittedly cool... It is, however, a somewhat unnerving advantage compared to what I've come to expect from the gameplay so far. This isn't so much a complaint as a somewhat bemused observation.

05-18-2017, 07:17 PM
I tend to play that way. I know I cannot 1v3 as I do with peacekeeper, I know even 1v2 is going to be a hassle, but while I don't pull people over ledges, I tend to be a sniper/disruptor around the edges and have topped my team score doing that. I get stealth up sitting on home zone (so you probably get even less warning with me than with some), ping off charged heavies and disrupt people stunlocking my teammates with guardbreaks or heavies if at distance kicks if closer. Basically it is about working from the shadows, staying mobile and keeping your head on a swivel.