View Full Version : Problem with dodge mechanic look here

05-18-2017, 05:45 PM
Does anyone agree or disagree (or understand) that making I-frames instant rather than work more during middle animation on side dashes (left and right non-attack dashes) cut down on being hit by an attack while youre in startup frames for dodging because of the network delay you're actually dodging slower than your actual input timing which would mean if delay existed most players if not all will naturally have a lower susses rate of dodging period which makes dodging inconsistent across the board on PC and Console. With a lower susses rate dodging this makes UB moves that can only be defended against by dodging and non-
Parryable spam moves a big problem for a lot but not all people.

I know some of you guys have experienced one of those moments were you got pissed an yelled I fuc**** dodged that and still got hit!!!!! Wt* for honor.