View Full Version : Redesign of "old and obsolete" classes required -- urgently

05-18-2017, 05:03 PM
Kensei, Berserker, Shugoki, Nobushi...

So yes, new Centurion/Shinobi players are happy. The "traditionally strong" Wardens/Warlords, and lesser versions of UB+UP spam classes are more or less managing.

...but then when it seems the new "design philosophy" is set to levels of the Centurion and the Shinobi, what do you expect the Kensei, Berserker, Shugoki and Nobushi classes are supposed to do?

Especially, compare the Centurion with the Shugoki. In some way, basically he's got EVERYTHING which at least partially should have been given to the Shug, IMO.

● It's a hybrid but generally tough, equipped with self-healing feats -- whereas the Shugoki has none despite being a heavy

● While not the strongest, Cent has a heavy attack well balanced in both damage and speed... and 3 levels of charging to throw off parry time. The Shug gets what... a 800~900ms, "slow", and "slow as heck" 2-stage charge up heavy that you need to anticipate someone will walk into it as you swing, to even dream of having a hope of landing...

● Cent has what.. disablers that chain into more disablers.... and the Shug has what... an even slower bearhug that damages self when misses? The Shug doesn't even have a "disabler" role in 4v4 now since even that's made obsolete

● So what does the Shugoki have that the Cent cannot do better... the UI-shield headbutting? Wait... Cents drain stamina even faster, without requiring a light/heavy attack to land first... doesn't need revenge to knockdown... unlike how Shugoki does...

Somebody please tell me if there's any reason to play a Shugoki over a Centurion. Because at this point, I can't find it. Every basic moveset is inferior except pure damage, which is meaningless when you can't land it.

At this point, some of the classes that people have been asking for a fair second look, is most probably being driven totally obsolete. Both in 1v1s and 4v4s. If this is indeed your new design vision on how characters should be fighting... then please, let the overlooked classes join in.

We need you to start pondering the possibilities of major overhaul to these classes, IMO.

05-18-2017, 05:23 PM
shugoki GB hitbox is somewhat off from my experience

05-18-2017, 05:27 PM
Game's been out 3 months and the very first content patch adds extreme power creep. Losing hope that this game will ever be balanced

05-18-2017, 05:37 PM
There's no reason to play any of the old classes over the new ones. They're better in every way. All I know is I'm saving up my steel so that once they are available to everybody, I can be part of the problem.

05-18-2017, 05:43 PM
Okay, but like, Shugoki has a passive that turns off Cent's whole payoff, as he prevents himself from being knocked down.

If you can parry him outside of that, you can destroy him.

However, kick spam is a little out of hand and Shugoki is too FAT to dodge it, and it breaks his armor.

I don't deny that Shugoki deserves love if he's gonna be the "true heavy" of the game, because Centurion definitely does encroach onto his territory too much while being way stronger and versatile.

Though I feel that's more a Centurion problem, to be honest.

Characters do definitely need to be polished up to the next level though. Clearly more powah for everyone is the answer. Not sarcastically saying that, either.

05-18-2017, 05:47 PM
playing against a semi-decent cent is awful as shugoki, the stamina drains hurt to much imo

05-18-2017, 05:54 PM
I hope Ubi didn't change anything about Berserker before work with the core defense of For Honor.

I'm pretty happy with him and I don't want nothing changed.

Just reduce the reward for parry, increase the chip damage and/or make block cost stamina (as parries) and done.

Ubi, if you read those kind of topics, listen a veteran and dedicated Duelist Berserker: DON'T MESS WITH HIM BEFORE REOWRK THE DEFENSE, PLEASE!