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05-18-2017, 02:18 PM
Hey, iam a huge fan of the game i spent alot of time, effort and money playing this game until i reached a point inwhich my psn got banned for what reason i couldnt know. All in all i found out it was because of my nick name whivh i created awhile back! I lost everything on this account and mainly my for honor progress and money amd loot crates. Im just asking if please guys anyone can help maybe just transfer my account to another user or profile or anything please!! I have a prestige 9 berserker 12 loot cases and about 13000 steel and the mythic outfit on the berserker please anything would be helpful please. I dont want this to be my last experience of the game i love it i like it you guys did a huge *** unbelievable outcome and great amazin game just please help me solve the problem thank you . My old account name was ***_dat_thot my new one is smokedabluff