View Full Version : Suggestion of kensai buff method

05-18-2017, 12:14 PM
1. Remake kensai`s zone attack Change first attack direction of kensai`s zone attack from rear side to front side will make using kensai`s zone attack more easy and useful.

2. Add other Unprotected Attack method kensai can use Unprotected Attack after second chain attack or after guard break push or after front/side dash attack. but that is very restrictive method. Front/Side attack has high risk, and other two method usually are blocked by opponent. So make other method about Unprotected Attack attack make that kensai can break through oppoent's guard more easily. (EX>Make additional Unprotected Attack commend, using side heavy attack after first side light attack hit)

3. increase heavy attack guard demage Now heavy attack is very easy to guard and easy to parry. and that make turttle meta. if heavy attack guard demage is increase, be of help to fix up turttle meta and kensai`s problem.