View Full Version : centurion and shinobi unshockable kick make no sense

05-18-2017, 10:17 AM
So I have been playing against many shinobi and centurion lately, I got no problem with most of their stuff but the kick of these characters guarantees a heavy attackand can not be side step guardbreak!!!!!???? I tried to side step guard break them with my raider but they have no negative frame after the kick and they continuse attacking which counter my guard break. How is this balance ubisoft the kick of these characters are as fast as the warlord and the conquer unshockable and guarantees more damage yet they cant get punish as heavily!!? Look at the warden and Lawbringer man they slow unblockable yet their **** will be punish by a guard break if miss. We got a patch a while a go that fixed this with the conquer, so why in this god dam world do ubisoft make the same mistake twice. When someone sidestep in for honor it is huge commitment because you can get guard broken during it so when we side step this fast unblockable we should get a guard break man. All these centurion and shinobi is spaming kicks and not getting punish enough, we only get a light attack if we evade and get hit by heavy if we don't evade they get a heavy. What the hell ubisoft, the balance on the risk reward ratio is so off. I know this is a new character and all but this is ridiculous, are you making this mistake on purpose man? or are you really that stupid? Either way making the same error twice is unacceptable, please fix this