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05-18-2017, 07:50 AM
Hello all. Been playing nothing but Centurion since the dlc has dropped. I'm not going to call this an advance guide simply because there hasn't been enough time. and I haven't fought every single hero a good amount of time as him. However I want this to be a launching point for people who pick up the pass at some point or are waiting till the 23rd to get the dlc. The first section will just be some rapid fire tips. and the second section will be tips against specific match ups. If you have any knowledge you wish to add please do post. Thanks for reading in advance.

Centurion tips:

~Kick by itself can be dodged rather easily. try not to throw it out willy nilly. You can't be GBed by anyone reliably from a dodged kick save kensei and raider. You can cover up a whiffed kick by hitting heavy immediately. This does track rather well. However both of those heros can still GB you before the heavy comes out. And anyone with a dodge will trump it. So while this is a powerful tool and a way to mix things up don't rely on it.

~Centurion's second reliable ish opening is his jumping attack. it's similar to warlords in that it has hyper armor. however unlike his it can be delayed. If you tap it quickly you cover a bit more distance and seem to have better tracking. However if you hold the heavy you track less and seem to fall shorter. I tried replicating this in a custom game and got mixed results. It might simply be dependent on distance to your opponent. Just be aware that it's pretty easily parried. Try to use it to punish a whiff or trade. as you can immediately follow it with a jab. But be warned a fully charged jab is NOT guarenteed on a landed hyper armor jump.

~You can vary the charge timings on his heavies. extremely helpful for combating those parry happy people. Also it's worth mentioning you can soft feint his heavies with a GB. though in my experience you really shouldn't try doing that unless you're fighting a super turtle who doesn't do much. You can also feint his heavies. but you can't vary they feint via different charge times. And because your heavy standardly has a small charge before it goes off you can't bait with a cancelled heavy and throw a light quickly. Nor can you parry a dodge attack. you can block them though. I don't feint much with him myself.

~Heavies become unblockables off of a combo. Not a parry though. It's also worth mentioning due to the animation of unblockables being different you actually cover more distance. A lot of people really don't expect that. Side unblockables seem to have the most range. Also you do have a heavy heavy combo. So a potential mix up is a charged heavy that doesn't cover the distance and when your opponent comes in for a whiff you can tap heavy again and go into your combo. Lastly fully charged heavies if whiffed guarentee any class a free GB on you.

~Jabs. Can be varied like your heavies. Besides knocking someone down it's actually nice to some what charge it when fighting a dodge happy assassin as it lets you follow them for a punch. Jabs can be dodged by non reflex guard heros if you whiff you kick and they either get hit by the heavy or block it. on assassins they seem to almost always be able to dodge the jab. It's worth mentioning that for whatever reason jabs are easier to escape if you had just GBed your opponent. Back dashing can get your opponent away from jabs. but it's pretty inconsistent. You're better off dodging to the side.

~jabs, kicks, GB's, and gb's from a light all can wall splat someone. and a wall splat gives you a free charged heavy on someone. a charged heavy gives you a free charged jab. The GB you get from any light isn't a normal GB. you can't do much with it from your kit other than direct where you want to throw them. I really only go for it if an enemy is near a surface. then I wall splat them and follow up with a free kick which keeps their stamina down or drains it more and follow up with a free charged unblockable and a free charged jab into his pounce. You can't cancel your zone. Both the second and third attack can be parried. Not sure about the first since it comes out too quickly for me. If you're fighting a hero who has a resting guard instead of reflex be sure to switch your heavy attack direction often. As if you throw it in the direction of their guard when you kicked them they block it.

Centurion match ups:

~warden: I think this match is neutral with neither side having an edge. Warden's top light and zone are fast enough to catch me mid charge. It's hilariously easy for them to counter crush your jumping heavy. if they dodge your kick they can SB you for their vortex. Really the only downside to this fight for the warden is they can't crushing counter your upper unblockable heavy if you kick them. it's still parryable though.

~Conq: Bad match up for conq. nothing the conq can do save bash really helps him. it's really easy to just keep conq down with your combo. though be careful still. they can dash bash you if you whiff the kick. and their superior block will put you in a bad spot if they block a non unblockable heavy.

~PK: Bad match up for cent. Light light is really hard for him to manage since he has slow stance like some other heros. not to mention she has a dodge attack which will trump your kick everytime if they play smart. Though due to her being a squishy hero one mistake will often send her to the grave. Your best bet as a Centurion is to bait them with varying charged heavies to catch them in dodges. Just don't depend on a follow up jab landing unless you charge it fully and they back dash.

~Lawbringer: Bad match up for LB. Initially I thought it was slightly under neutral as you can still technically dodge out of the combo. But your dodge distance is bad. and unless you're perfect on punishing cent will just keep pressuring you and keep you down. Do look out for the shove heavy heavy feint combo as it's ending with an unblockable which can mess you up as a cent. beyond that if you space well and punish any thrown heavy you're good as cent.

~warlord: neutral/bad for warlord: I've yet to actually fight a warlord that could handle my mix up game and me keeping their stamina down kept them turtling. which didn't work since I have unblockables. However the warlord has hyper armor on his heavies. and could make some smart trades. Full blocking an uncharged heavy into a free hit and a headbutt follow up would also work. So it's possible for the warlord to fight back. Just haven't seen one do so yet. As the cent feel free to pressure and push them hard. they kind of crumple almost as bad a a conq does.

~Valk: neutral. it's pretty easy to punish a valk and make them collapse. AT the same time their lights are quick and not telegraphed as well. so if your read/reaction game isn't on point they still can work you over. I'd personally give the slight edge to centurion here. But it's not enough to change it from neutral imo. As a cent you need to respect her range and punish her with walls as hard as you can.

~Orochi: neutral/good for orochi. Neutral because most orochi only top light and zone. being predictable is the number one way to get rolled by a centurion. However he has dash attacks. and storm rush/riptide are surprisingly good at whiff punishing kicks. So it can go either way imo. But orochi has a slight advantage with dash attacks.

Nobushi: neutral. If you can get in on bushi she's basically screwed. Her hidden stance can technically avoid the combo. but it's stamina intensive. which is just bad. However if you can read cent and poke him every time he tries to mix up into a charge and keep your distance the cent really struggles to get in. However do NOT spam lights against him. he can parry your light for a free charged heavy (no GB) and follow that up for a hard knockdown and a pounce which does 60 damage. Be mindful of your attacks. As a cent your best bet is to literally read her. make any punish you can to get closer. she really cannot handle you once you're in.

Shinobi: Neutral/good for shinobi. The shinobi can literally dance outside your range and avoid most charged attempts even if you mix them up. But a lot of their kit is unsafe. knowing that and reading him will kill him out right since shinobi has such low health. that being said the kick grants a free heavy. and it's neigh impossible to punish the kick. If they play really reactive and rely only on the dodge kick into heavy it's REALLY hard for the centurion to do anything. With a cent you gotta play patient. And you can't rely on jabs because shinobi can just dodge into a kick. same with your kick though your heavy follow up can track and hit i've found it to not be consistent. You're best bet is to try and get into a range they don't expect you to reach and then hit them with a heavy. Other than that try to parry and do as much stamina damage as possible wether a surface is there or not. They are pretty boned without stamina. IMO from my experiences so far this is the hardest match up for centurion.

I never fought a shugoki these past 2 days. barely fought raiders. one kenseit. and 2-3 zerkers. Didn't feel comfortable saying anything for sure. However if I had to guess i'd say cent beats kensei. zerker beats cent. and shugoki would most likely be neutral if not slightly in goki's favor due to demon's embrace off walls and his hyper armor. again though just guessing.

TLDR: if you're looking for "counters" to centurion because you're struggling this is what you want to read: "dash attacks. bashes. range." If you want more detail look into what I wrote above.

If you want my opinion on his design/balance I feel they did a good job with the design. I don't believe kick needs to be nerfed. I could see a stamina increase in cost though for those who spam it. And I could see a tracking nerf to some of his attacks. The inf wall splat while silly I feel is justified. I don't want to get into a 2 page discussion on why though. It wouldn't break his kit or make him any less terrifying to deal with if it was gone. But I like that it forces people to pay more attention to the environment. So I support it.

Lastly i'm Rep 1 with cent about halfway through to rep 2. I only did duels and brawls. Have no interest in 4v4's until they get a proper cleaning. And i'm on xbox one.

05-18-2017, 12:40 PM
Very good guide. I have only fight against centurion bots and i'll try to give my aportation form orochi, warlord and valk

Orochi: Very hard. You can manage to punish consistetly with dodge and deflect (if u can deflect well...) but after a three light combo u can be ran out of stamina with just a cent combo. They are very balanced agains each other, but bets at the moment are for cent: He can mix up a lot more than Orochi and his novelty plays for him.

Warlord: You are screw up. Only consistance punish is heabutt, WL is to slow for other attack. It can works but not always. You should be a god on parries to manage a Cent with good chances, he has a lot of feints, mix ups an unblockables. And headbutt agains Cent is not a very good idea, its stamina cost puts you in dangger everytime you use it: use with caution.

Valkyria: You are going to have a hard time. Every mistake will cost you a lot. Valk is a heavy dependant on stamina hero and very punishable one. It means Cent would keep you OOS very easily. You have to play smart and, overall, don't spam sweep. Due your low damage, cent have plenty of time to punish you, and if cent manage to do that is very easy valk get beaten in a second.

To summarize: Cent is very new, very unkonwn and with a high stamina damage. All heroes with high stamina use will have a hard time fighting Cent. He has a lot of UB and mix ups, so be reactive is very hard with him. Handle with care :D

05-18-2017, 01:00 PM
Shug matchup?

It goes like this: if you're a Shugoki -- killing yourself by jumping off tower is less degrading. :D

Nothing you've wrote about the Cent as a "drawback" applies when fighting a Shug. Just punch away. Auto-win. Every "dangerous when dodged" move is basically unlikely to be dodged with a Shug. Once the initial hit lands uppercut undodgeable, once uppercut hits knockdown, the jumpstab, Shug stamina gone, range really close, open to all sorts of UB followups and the Shug can't take it, can't hyperarmor out of it, can't dodge it, can't retaliate, and can't even parry because most incoming attacks are UB+UP.

God, the Shug really, really needs a design update...