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05-18-2017, 06:33 AM
Centurion and Shinobi just came out but I'm already looking to add another character. Since Centurion dates back to BC, why not add an ancient Egyptian character. He would be wearing traditional Garb for an Egyptian warrior subservient to the pharaoh. This usually entails a cloth wrapped around the waist which would he girded up to his loins.

An image of girding up your loins is shown here

The man in the photo also happens to be wielding a Khopesh, which is what originally sparked this idea. He could also be wearing gold bands around his wrist to help include gauntlet stats. However you wanna look at it. A head dress or, head piece of some sort could be decorated with the head of a jackal. This is because in ancient Egypt, during the mummification process, someone would be wearing the head of a jackal as to symbolize/ embody the Egyptian god of death, Anubis. Anyways, The character could have tattoos of hieroglyphics and other jewelry pieces to make him look more aesthetically appealing. Imagine him how you want. He could be shirtless or wearing a linseed covering over his chest. I would prefer the linseed covering so that stats could be more easily integrated into a breastplate.

As for the important stuff. The character would be Wielding a Khopesh. It is typically a short bronze sword (can be made iron for purposes of For Honor) that is curved. Historically It would be used for disarming. A feature like this could possibly be added into For Honor. I was Thinking that the character would be a hybrid, or because he is traditional, he could fill a vanguard roll. Regardless if a disarm feature could be added, I suggest that the Egyptian be given a deflect capability. One that which, under successful landing, would give the character the option to apply a quick light attack, or disarm with the push of the guard break button, or heavy button. This doesn't mean the character would drop his weapon. I imagine that's too complicated. But, the Egyptian could slash the opponents hand, preventing his opponent from attacking with his weapon for a short duration. The opponent would still be able to block and parry, Just not attack. Keep in mind, the duration would be very short. This would be useful for characters like Valkyrie. Often, I've seen a Peacekeeper deflect the second attack of a Valkyrie. But, before he could get in a bleed, the Valkyrie would use leg sweep and put the PK on the ground. This deflect characteristic would stop chains such as that and other fast characters. It could also prevent Shinobi from backing up and attacking from a distance because they've been disarmed (cut on their hand). It would allow time for the Egyptian to close the gap that a Shinobi often makes. During team fights, such a deflect property would allow characters to freely use their rush attacks (out of guard mode) that can otherwise be punished by quicker attacks because now the opponent can only block.

Khopesh: http://www.touregypt.net/images/touregypt/weapons10.jpg

Such a disarm property that prevents attacks also does not have to go on a deflect. It could go on the character's upper heavy. This would be harder to land under some circumstances but would allow the duration of the disarm to be increased. Much like how the upper heavies on the law bringer stun but are slow and hard to land. To mix it up, this property could be added to the left heavy attack as the Khopesh is better used for slashing. Up to Ubisoft. Granted they even like this idea.

The Egyptian could also wield a shield. That is up to Ubisoft. However, it is historically accurate that Egyptian Infantry would wield shields. They would be big, wooden, and could be many shapes. They didn't have perfect circles though.

An image of an Egyptian Infantry man is shown below.

For decorative purposes, the Egyptian could be wearing the neck piece that the pharaoh has on in the link above. Or any variation of said piece. This could be part of the breastplate stats or headwear. (I'm aware its not really on the head).

There would be many more moves to this character and he would not be another counter attacker. Hopefully. As for more inspirational ideas that I wont get into, there could be a character wielding dual Sai, or another Egyptian character with the weapon shown below (don't know what its called)

Sai: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/46/95/15/4695151a4525f99cd4dd995e8ac22e5c.jpg

Other weapon: https://neverwintervault.org/sites/neverwintervault.org/files/project/4286/images/doubleaxes.jpg

I would love to know what you all think! Feedback is greatly appreciated. :D