View Full Version : New For Honor Executions and Mood Effects Leaked in Patch 1.07

05-18-2017, 06:05 AM
Here are the new unreleased executions and mood effects that were data-mined from update 1.07. (https://eusgamer.blogspot.com/2017/05/new-for-honor-executions-and-mood.html)

05-18-2017, 06:23 AM
That Lawby one and that BeZerker one :)

05-18-2017, 06:43 AM
Love warden and lb. Hands down two awesome executions. I need more buttons for executions ubisoft.

Raider is cool as well. Shugoki gets a nice and far less goofy one as well.

Zerker is nice as well. Pk is a bit too smug and we already have the disarmer. Orochi is the usual ninja stuff but it is still ok.

Nobushi however goes full c***-mode. I am bot sure if I like or hate that one. On the plus side, it is no anime crap but she plays with her victim and is mega disrespectful (I don't think we need more salt in this game).

Kensai is good but I liked the previous one better. If he was a bit less overloaded and more "mechanical" like the wardens ones, it would have been better. Less is often more.

Valk is unremarkable just like conqueror.

Warlord - wrestling fantasy stuff. I don't like it, because it falls into the same category as anime and mortal combat crap.