View Full Version : I love the new Update and new Heroes but I have ONE complaint.

05-18-2017, 04:59 AM
Hiello! First off, this isn't a complaint about the new Heroes being overpowered. I feel like that is something we'll figure out in later time, however, I've been having great trouble reacting to the new heroes (Centurion mostly) guard breaks.

I suffer from a bit of Myopia along with tear blockage in both eyes which causes my vision to become blurred often especially when focusing on something heavily. Sadly, this forces me to react to the guard break animation through sound and sound alone. I know they're new and people are probably going to say I should just get adjusted to centurions new GB noise (Shinobi having hers much quieter during her pull making it even more difficult) but I'm having so much trouble doing so.

Before anyone asks... although the GB indicator is a tad small for me to be able to focus on it, the other indicators are perfectly fine and are very clear to see even when my vision gets cloudy.

Is there any chance of us players getting an option to custom the guard break noises of the new heroes or even turn it up specifically? Would really appreciate it.