View Full Version : your servers are gonna be fixed or we have to wait for a lot of time

05-18-2017, 03:15 AM
Look ubisoft..for you to now as i see..three months won't be enough for you to fix your servers..they are completely destroyed..every game i join my ping is 100+....and now i
can't even play...when you go for maintenance i say please don't destroy the connection but you do this every time...fix your servers in Egypt..check ports or anything..the problem
in Egypt is from you not from us..and stop sending me that web page of connectivity troubleshoot..nothing is good in it...and i contacted support with ports and what happens and
at last time it was from port 3074 and when i told you it got fixed so i'm 100% sure that the problem is from you...it won't be from noobs players and your servers..one is enough so
fix your servers and enough problems and enough getting me that error 2x0-0000B005..i have had enough of it..deal with your servers and don't say problem from software that
disturbs connection nothing of this is the problem it's your servers' problem..fix this asap..this is Enough really ubisoft..you made a great game but your servers are so bad instead
sorry for my words..but i had to say like this because i have had enough of your problems in Egypt.the whole world is playing and just every maintenance you forget us about that
error and leave us like that..fix this immediately