View Full Version : My answers to the new heroes

05-18-2017, 12:19 AM
Centurion: I know his idea was to break turtles that stand still and knock your opponents to the ground but the amount of stamina he does take i feel is too high. I can play a fight and if i throw one attack then he centurion does his combo I am out of stamina plus the guaranteed charged punch and pouncing heavy just from landing 1 heavy is too much damage. Centurion can also can keep you out of stamina permanently because the time it takes for him to gain back the stam for his combo is shorter than the time it takes for me to come out of being exhausted.

Shinobi: Intended to be high risk high reward but the reward is too high from the amount of evasion he has. This guy recovers from being out of stamina too quickly there is not enough of a punish window after him going overly aggro I feel. Especially with his backflip and double dash he is too good a removing himself from the fight when he is vulnerable. I understand his low health making it easy to die but how do you expect for newer players being put against an amazing shinobi and not being able to touch him even once it makes it difficult to enjoy the game. His ranged gb indicator is rather strange because you need to counter it as he cast it rather than when it hits the character when all other characters are the opposite. The guard break is counterable but the window looks completely different and I personally delay my counter gb as it looks like the right time but then i have waited to long and get hit. Furthering on from this getting hit by the gb gives him the 3 hit stab combo which does ridiculous damage i think.

I also do not really like the the new characters have a lot more synergy in there kit with how their movesets chain together it makes the original characters look bland and boring in comparison. I feel like this was intentional just so you get people to buy more steel packs and unlock the characters and gear.

Those were just my feeling on the new characters and I hope that this was more helping feedback than a lot of people just yelling and swearing saying new characters were too strong.