View Full Version : Option to disable lock auto-switch.

05-17-2017, 09:01 PM
What I'm referring to is the way the lock to target will automatically switch to another target if the one you are currently locked onto dies or goes out of range. Currently, if you happen to be in a 2+vX (X being you and any teammates), its fairly common to be blocking in the correct direction of a non-locked target, only for your lock on to switch to said target who is mid swing, causing you to very likely take a hit or outright die (only instance of this not happening is if your guard happened match theirs).

I could see an instance of possible abuse if this were implemented, where a person would purposely not lock onto a target to make it more easy to block. It would be hard to pull off as they would need their initial target to die/run away. Solution could be isntead of outright disabling it, add a timer of several seconds. One could simply do the quick switch to lock on before this timer if they wished to lock on immediately.