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05-17-2017, 08:48 PM
Centurion - Too much control and damage combinde. Overall I like the Idea, but he definatley has too many ways to hold you down with serious damage and unblockalbe attack with the punch that messes you up as well. With that chest stab he holds others down too long in my opinion. Basicly no one wants to get a single hit from him. There is bound to come some sort of SUPIRIOR combo that holds you for a while. I wouldant mind him but all of those combos have control with attack.
Something from his many abilityes should get a nerf. Right now he is full offence and your just trying to hold the line. I actually feel that its harder to fight agains deacent Centurion than it is with nolifer Conquer.

Shinobi - Overall not bad, hes level of nasty is brought down by **** health pool. But I do feel that those dodges or dashes are abit too fast. Attacks are surely interesting but also with some what a lot of control. Ranged ability seemes to be ok, beacause if he fails there is a penalty of getting knocked down.

The definatley have some cool combos, but compaired to other classes their combos go in with massive control. As they seeme to be long they seeme to be in an advantage against many other heroes.
Im guessing Centurion is gonna become something like the shugoki was a while ago. (Before the nerf shugoki was in lot of matches beacause he was super strong, but since the nerf their numbers have gone down. Im 100 % sure same thing will happen with centurion.

I know there are a lot of different view on these new champions. There is definatley some balance issues.
I just feel that the 12 heroes we had are now somewhat infirior to the 2 new ones.

05-17-2017, 09:04 PM
People talk a lot about Shinobi low health pool, but is missing one crucual information.

1 health is enough, if you dont get hit anymore.

And im watching Praise the Sun. Hes ****ting on people like there is no tomorrow, because hes abusing fast moves so badly, opponent are too confused by teleporting and terrified to attack, cos they are slower than shinobi...

Wait a week or two, when people learn to use instincts playing the new champs, they will roll over EVERY one...

Theyr offence is soo strong, that learning to defend against them will loose out vs people getting better at playing the,

05-17-2017, 09:19 PM
The centurian can spam unlockables one after another I'm not a new player and will gladly provide video proof that the centurian needs to be fixed I'm a prestige 5 berserker and prestige 3 nobushi and there unlockables are ruthless and need fixing please fix or you're going to loose players me personally I think you should make it where they have to attack with a light or heavy in-between unlockables please fix

05-17-2017, 09:46 PM
Okay I'm a little confused as to how exactly you're getting hit by spammed unblockables. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the Centurion literally only has 3 unblockable attacks; the Legion Kick, the punch, and the charged heavy. The only "chain unblockable" is the guard break throw into the kick, which isn't even really a chained unblockable, it's an extension of the guardbreak throw to extend the stun duration to allow the centurion to follow up with his slow moving attacks. There is also an attack that seems unblockable, but it is essentially a version of the PK's guardbreak triple stab that carries the unblockable animation on the weapon even though it's really just a grab triple stab that has to be timed properly like the PK's grab.

The standing legion kick is a forward dash only technique, and is choreographed and slow enough to be sidestepped with little effort, leaving him wide open for counter attack.

The charged heavy is only unblockable if it is charged to maximum power, which is as slow as the shoguki charged heavy but the centurion doesn't benefit from the hyper armor the shoguki does so it leaves the centurion wide open to counter attack interrupt, or you can simply side-step like with the kick, leaving him wide open for punishment.

The punch can only be activated after a heavy attack connects or is blocked, and while it may be fast (unless charged up, which makes it slow and easy to side-step) the stun from the quick punch doesn't last a third of the time the stuns from a Lawbringer's top heavy, a Warlord's shield bash counter, or a Kensai's guardbreak throw last.

As to being pinned down, there are only 2 attacks in the Centurion's arsenal that can pin you down and leave you open for attack, the leaping attack and the fully charged unblockable heavy. Both of these attacks are choreographed, slow, and again, easy to avoid with a small side-step into punishment. If you stand there long enough to get hit by either of these attacks, you deserve to be pinned, take the fully charged punch to the face, and have the Centurion pounce on you like he's Link's doppleganger.

And finally, for those of you who've never played the Centurion, and are basing your observation that he needs to be nerfed on the fact that you got jumped by two or more of them, shut up and get over it.

For those of you having a hard time against the Centurion:
A. Learn how to guardbreak counter to avoid the consecutive unblockable throw or guardbreak triple stab
B. Learn how to side-step to avoid the kick, punch, charged attack, and leaping attack
C. Learn how to run away from a gank situation until you find an ally who can divide and conquer. The Centurion is slow, easy to read, and currently incapable of quick directional changes for blocks, meaning you should come out on top just about every time in a 1v1 scenario.

05-17-2017, 09:48 PM
Ah yes I did forget that the Centurion does have a parry counter that is essentially the same as the guardbreak throw animation, with a quick knee to the face that can be chained into a kick. If you're getting parried all the time, D. Learn how stop spamming heavy attacks.

05-18-2017, 07:24 PM
Wanted to add one thing:
While the old champions are inside the box (figure of speech) the new ones reach out of it, it would not be a bad thing if they were balanced with some sort of penalty or if the old ones were brought up to the same level. But the idea is still to add new champions and balance them with the old ones. These new ones seeme to be needing a lot of work.

I understand that the season 2 launched and these champions probably were really lightly tested.

05-18-2017, 07:46 PM
The Centurion does have the ability to do some seriously crushing damage, i wont deny that, BUT He also is relatively squishy for how slowly he moves, as well as the fact that he is pretty easy to read and parry, because he gets no benefit from throwing light attacks most cents will only be throwing heavies. Hes pretty much the same as a Conq, just without the superior block, and without as much health.

Whereas shinobi has the ability to hold you in one place and smash your health to nothing then get way out of reach before you can do anything back. even though hes super squishy he hardly gets hit because he moves so quickly.

both characters people need to just learn to read. because you can be going up against 2 Cents and be a conq and come out on top, with relative ease.
his shield stops the ability to follow up with a punch.

05-18-2017, 07:57 PM
I don't have a problem with the unblockables, I think it is a good addition to the game, especially against turtles. My big concern is the stamina drain, what I think is too much.

He has a low HP pool, so it is possible to punish him very hard, what makes me accept the 50% HP combo. The problem is that after the combo you end with no stamina, so he can charge corner you really bad. After play against Centurion after Centurion, I ended my playtime because I was tired of run oos.

He doesn't need that. And when Ubi patch the defense and make oos debuff stronger, then we will have a big problem.

05-18-2017, 09:25 PM
I cant belive the stupidity people are talking about...

How can a champion that ignores turtle meta be any good, when majority of champions cant fight turtle meta?

What, you really want to see only Wardens/Warlords/Centurions/Shinobi and Conqurers, because they penetrate turtle meta?

If they introduce more champions that penetrate turtle meta, means harder time and more rare the Kensei/Beserker/Shugoki/Nobushi/Raider picks become and LESS viable.

05-19-2017, 10:56 AM
I really mine the character design and tools and speed but these 2 have an unblockable kick that cant be punish by a guard break!. They continue attacking after the kick , I was playing raider yesterday and I side step grab perfectly but they continue attacking and my guard break got counter by their heavy attack!!. This is very broken how can I only get a light attack when I these 2 kicks, look at the warlord, conquer, lawbringer and warden unblockable , I can easily guard break them after they miss. The warlord and conquer unblockable is about the same speed as these 2 kick yet it guarantee less damage and is guard break punishable. Lawbringer long arm and warden shoulder attack is also guard break punishable and they are alot slower than these kicks. Tell ubisoft are you just playing stupid what is the risk and reward ratio on that move, steping in for honor is risky becuz u can get guard break durring it so if we read the mix up properly then we should be ****ing rewarded properly too. Ubisoft just nerf warlord and conquer for this stuff but you make the same ****ing mistake on this new characters and on a larger scale too? To me the excuse of this character being new is not valid man, the fact that u cant punish it properly is op on paper and in action, just look at how people are spaming the crap out of this right now. Dont even give me the excuse of it's their only tools **** because it is the same with conquer and warden case so shut the **** up and fix this. Ubisoft, you are a real greedy scrum bag that just want to make the season pass holder feel good for using an op character, because you have to know that that these kicks cant be punish and that it is broken before release from your experience with warlord and conquer yet you ****ing release it to cause nightmare upon people who don't have the season pass. Just stop being a greedy **** and do something ethical for **** sake, the fact that you dont have a dedicated server is already bad enough man.

05-19-2017, 10:56 PM
I agree.
They dont seeme to have a proper penalty to punish them.

Specialy Centurion, hes super hard to control, I would honestly go against two conquers.

We all remember warden, specialy if she was played aggro.
These new Heroes are like that but on steroids.

For better view of the situation lets read up benefits

-Unblockable charge attack
-Stuns that make it extra hard to counter unblockables with parry, often not enough room to dodge
-Wrong moves get really harshly punished

-Different ranges(innovative, I get that)
-Highly mobile hard manage (Very fast dashes)
-Hard to get hold of
-Standard tactics wont usualyy work
-Have to wait for it to engage you before you can get hold of him.
-can range Guardbreake while there are two opponents

only thing that softens the situation is the small healthpool, but considering in 1 vs 1 that can be too much.
The level of speed that makes him hard to hit if damage at all.

There are more but these are the main ones

Centurion and Shinobi are claerly undertested and need to be rebalanced to other classes. Right now the
only tactics are disengage kite fighting against centurion and hope shinobi is alone so you can focus on it,
beacause if he GB you from the side your ****ed.

In overall I think that two champions for the end of the Season is too much.
Considering it is hard to balance them to others. If there was one champion per end of a season they would
probably better balance them and test them out instead of forceing out two undertested and unbalanced Heroes.
Im just throwing this out, it would make their job easyer and heroes more tested.

If you play the new champions and think they arent OP plz dont say a word.