View Full Version : Ubisoft = Scamsoft = Ponzyschemesoft

05-17-2017, 08:06 PM
"We are going to revamp the gear in for honor" When i saw that garbage i thought i was going to still have gear that SOMEWHAT REPRESENTED THE BUILD I WAS GOING FOR. Instead i get stuck with a build that is COMPLETELY USELESS!! NO STAMINA REGEN, NO ATTACK, NO DEFENSE, NO STAMINA COST REDUCTION. Then im checking around and ubisoft says "WE GAVE YOU 4 SCAVENGER BOXES AND 12 DAYS CHAMPION STATUS TO RE GEAR YOUR CHARACTERS!!" Ok scamsoft what about the 200$ i spent on your trainwreck of a game and the 5 characters that are rep 5 gs 108 that are unplayable with their current gear on? Way i see it. Ubisoft gave us 16000 steel. So 16$ well ubisoft you owe me 150$ and thats being nice. Im deducting the 45000 steel i spent on the viking mythic outfits. Scamsoft should have refunded ALL OF THE SCAVENGER BOXES WH HAVE USED, Because this is garbage. Ubisoft saying they do right by us is about as good as Sony saying they are "For the player". Here is what they should have said. " WE TOTALLY JACKED UP YOUR GEAR AND ABSOLUTELY DONT CARE IF YOU SPENT MONEY ON OUR GAME BECAUSE WE CANT COMPREHEND THAT, THAT MONY PUTS FOOD ON OUR TABLES, THANKS SUCKERS". Had they said that i might have said "ok daddy now spit on me and call mde stupid befor bending me over"

05-17-2017, 08:44 PM
Yes, you are right. It is all about money. Have a proof in my support cases - if you have problem, they will not help you. They will only respond with lies and trash.