View Full Version : Things were going so well! Now It's all turned to a burning pile of ****!

05-17-2017, 12:13 PM
I was really enjoying the direction the game was taking.

There were some great balance changes over the past couple of months. The Devs made an effort to listen to us. Things were really looking up.

Then they took the game and CRAPPED it down a pay to win SEWER....

Centurions are stupid. Plain and simple. We all know they are OP.. Spammable Unblockable CC is WAY too powerful in Dominion. Dueling them is no fun either. 120 dmg punish from a GB into the wall?? SERIOUSLY? Charged unblockable REALLY messed up to parry heavy attack. Once you knock down a guaranteed heavy while on the ground???

This is profiteering and nothing more. LoL did exactly this. Every new toon was more OP than the last only to be nerfed shortly after release.

The problem is LoL was a mostly FTP model. we all paid through the ****ING nose to play this game and upgrade toons when **** was WAY tooo expensive and silver was WAYY to hard to come by.

Im just incredibly dissapointed. Things were really looking up and now I feel like its back to square one with pre nerf PKs WL and Wardens ruining the game.

I probably need a break.

05-17-2017, 01:13 PM
Culd not agree more Centurion is freekin cancer