View Full Version : First impresion on new heros

05-17-2017, 05:44 AM
I've start playing new characters today (as 99% of the community lol) and I really fall in love with both of them but I wanna give some feedback.

1- centurion
very good turtle braker again heavy but definitivly not again assassins that keep waiting for deflect of just dodge to ''punish'' without the possibility to gb them in mid dodge. also, he's supose to have a great adventage again an out of stamina ennemi but, as alwais they just keep back dashing and they are out of any trouble. An other detale that I can understand that he have low hp because he is prety ofensive, but it is rediculous to see that epic heavy armored man having less hp than peace keeper but also been slower and more punishable than her. 5 hp bar should be a minimum for his desein. His non cancelable zona attack is also useless again player, it will alwais lead to a parry.

damn that we see it every friking where, and I cannot blame people to do it because, ya know, to know him I had to play it too and... well sorry for those who keep saying that he is perfect and absolutely don't need any nerf but his kick is, indead really dificult to dodge and can't be punish if you do a light right after, I know what you're saying, he's ment to not have a lot of life but can't be punish without a parry but really? an hyper armor on the top of it great speed, non punishble, gread range and great reward if it land? I never do a such ez fight before again a rep 16, and it was my first game with it, I don't even had look at the move list and I've done a 3-0 without taking any damage, just keeping doing the kick, guarantide heavy, guarantide light then back dash. Basicly, he need some hight risk hight reward instead of low risk pretty good reward. In my opignon, the kick should work as the nobushi one, can be interupted so it will stop been the only move used for the whole duel. Also, the naruto run is more than mostly used for runing from an oponent that runing after an oponent as it have been presented but I thing everybody have notist that when it have been showed for the first time. His range attack is useless in 1vs1.

3-small deception
I have to hadmit, more the final day arived, less I was hiped by these new heros, maybe because I've been spoiled lot before there ofitial anouncement but now I also realise, there is nothing special about those new character, most of there moves are just modifications of other heros move, centurion is just a mix of the warlord headbut (kick), jump attack and special parry, warden shoulder bash (punch that he can also charge), pk grab+stab and other vanguard combo. the shinobi a mix of nobuchi kick, orochi hight speed, conqueror charged attack. Actualy, he have more original move because of his range mix up sisthem.