View Full Version : Patch in a Proper Offline Mod already....

05-17-2017, 01:02 AM
This game is a mess. Just patch in a proper offline mode where we can duel our friends couch co-op. Don't tell me it isn't possible, Battlefront did it after its huge disappointment to the community. Also the Feats the come from story mode; the reason offline mode was removed they said, are sold on the F I N G store, Bravo, greed.

FYI had you actually kept offline mode in the first place, you would have a base game to look at data and make changes. This game feel like a song with no direction, you keep changing the verse or the chorus in one section and your never going to have a song.

I Could rant like everyone else about the problems and disappointments of this game; I have gigs of captures showing embarrassing things about this game, but no I'm not going to do that. A Hundred dollars for this game and you haven't even fixed the internet connections in 3 months I honestly feel you OWE (You Promised an online game that doesn't even work and breaks constantly) us that (Offline Duel Co Op Mode).

05-17-2017, 10:19 AM
Everyone would rather complain about connectivity I guess...