View Full Version : Why so broke! Season 2 more 1.0

05-17-2017, 12:42 AM
This is not about overpowered classes.
By implementing all this new stuff. They broke chat, The servers are now back to beta stage. Can't play with groups(Really) Sometimes you can get into a ok match.
I'll complain for a second on the classes but i'll just learn how to beat them better in 1v1's.
Versing multiple Centurions is kind of harsh compared to every other classes.(Could've guess a while ago that everyone was gonna play the 2 new classes which is really all im seeing atm.)
More about the push kicks and top stab. Sure you can side step but honestly against heavier classes its more difficult especially if they just box you in.
Shnobi is the new peacekeeper. Worse bleeds a lunge guardbreak to really break those turtles:D gotta love it. anyways who cares about either of the two just learn. Im actually more complaining about the servers and the chats being broken for TEAM play. I like the new patch for the most part.