View Full Version : New characters are not OP, have some patience.

05-17-2017, 12:23 AM
So as expected, the new characters are out and the forum is getting flooded with topics about how OP and broken the new characters are. We all knew this was coming.

Please, before you jump to any conclusions about the new characters, give it some time, have some patience and you will learn the many weaknesses these characters actually have.

The biggest problem is that both characters are exclusively for Season pass holders only so non season pass holders can't use them in practice mode or use them in the game, which means you will likely get overwhelmed by the moves these new characters have, how to play against each new character (different styles) and how to punish and counter the new characters. I'm sure people will have an easier time when these characters will become available to everyone and then you will have the opportunity to really view the move sets, learn the style of play, learn what the weaknesses are of both classes etc. Because both the Centurion and Shinobi can be punished HARD. Both characters are the opposite of each other, one is constantly pushing the pace, in your face trying to take the initiative to open you up (make use of that to punish him) and the other (Shinobi) is all about speed, going in and out, trying to hit you and make you miss because his/her health pool is really low, so when you punish the Shinobi, the Shinobi gets punished really hard.

Just have some patience people. Everything that is new must be learned and isn't as hard as it may seem at the beginning.