View Full Version : Thought cheating will be fixed with new patch

05-16-2017, 09:06 PM
But u didn't
I have to apologize for having such a high claim on you. This doesn't happen again, now I've finally learned it.

Still played few rounds with new patch, ppl still be able to block, parry and coutner everything.
Getting attacked from the fronside, i tried to gb from behind, several times, everytime countered.
Thats 100% not possible, not every gb, 1 yes, 2 maybe, but not all.

Shinobi gb is also great, 1 gb 3/4 health lost.

And who to hell decided to change gear stats from bar to numbers?!?!?!?
In every presentation seminar u learn pictures are better then numbers/text. And u did exactly that, what u normaly should NOT do.
U removed something easy to interpret, and added something u have no reference for.
And i guess i don't need to say that the new gear setup ****ed up everything. For me, all gear is the exact opposite then befor.
This is ridiculous.

05-16-2017, 09:15 PM
Sounds more like unbalanced game functionalities being exploited by veteran players and less like cheating.