View Full Version : Broken Game (overpowerd heros)

05-16-2017, 08:55 PM
This is going to be a Rant about how the game is at the moment update (1.07) This. update changed many diffrent parts to the game such as better conection times but it has a down side where the coontent shows massive cracks... So i started out playing dominion, i joined a game super quick but the players all had season pass obviously because they where all playing as centurion which has a broken kick and that on top of being ganked and not being able to do anything... so i quit and was like ok im'a play some dauls well after. the patch apparently bezerker can still faint light attacks in to guard brakes which killed me 3/3 games in a row and the stat changes... the numbered stats make no sense because its just a load of random numbers which doesn't show difference unlike the bars which were easier to follow and make sense of. this new numbered thing is just to over my head and i would like to see a option in the interface menu to change to what you might prefer.... thanks for reading and go knights