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05-16-2017, 07:51 PM
Im 11 rep kensei and i'm super disgusted by his built. He have very small mix up abilities, so why he is named like that? He is my favorite warrior because he is badass with class but after playing with him over 100 pvp hours I forgive him and I hope that ubi will make him a top tier on day.

Firstly, my imagination about him is a fighter who is the father of all warriors. Someone who devoted all his life to master all the tricks and sword fighting. Strong from neutral, someone who has aura of peace of mind power and skill makes you respect him when he facing you. That's why the devs gave him special attacks from all the chars. Stun after gb like disabler dash attack and deflect like counter attacker dmg like heavy, feint game like sword master (lol xD) and vanguard speed. Helm splitter and dash gb was supposed to be his 50/50 unfortunately its completely not working like all his kit.

None of his abilities do not work, it does not work completely. Through speed and very small moveset makes him very predictable.

∙ Gb stun It is completely useless because it is so slow that its top finisher can be parryed if you know at which moment of animation press the button.

∙ He Has guaranteed side heavy afte grab so why use stun?

∙ After guaranteed side heavy i can go to top finisher anyway.

∙ After wall i have guaranteed top finisher so stun wont help me.

∙ Dash light is punishable In every phase. During dodge i get gb'ed because he is doing a full dodge before she attacks and I only have a few i frames. Free gb for simple block. Decent parry window. Its compleatly unsafe move.

∙ His deflect after nerf is inconsistent and to risky until parry exists.

∙ His 50/50. Helm splitter comming only from top so You do not have to do anything just wait with guard on top, block it or cgb. These moves have neither a special effect nor are they unblockable like headbutt or bash so the opponent does not even know what's going on. It turns out that 90% of players did not even realize its 50/50 move and opener lol.

∙ And finally feint game. So why hi is called feint god? I feels like wardens younger brother and an autistic cousin of zerker (feints) and rider (mind games). His attacks are so slow, the feints are so sluggish and animations so inconsistent that his proffesion is a bad joke. His recover after feint is so big that after left heavy feint into right light etc. I feels like im throwing another heavy. Feinting from neutral is compleatly useless except top heavy into top light or unlocking first zone attack hit locking cancelling into top/side light. Yes, feint into gb not working at all because most of peoples waiting for easy block/parry or just trying to gb me and bounce off effect wont let me to gb, i will bounce off as well. His dmg output is based on top light and gb. So where is rest of his kit? Does he have any benefit from feinting? Any stamina reduction? Smaller recover time after feint? Special moves? Special chains? Anything? So who call him feint god or master?

1st of all his recover after feint is to big, he can be easily interrupted during feints. Pk during feints almost flickering, zerker is so fast and his animations are so tricky that parrying is almost impossible. Really kenesei need to be so slow and clunky? His attacks are slow enough to give him decent recovery time after feint and make his animations fluent.

2nd benefit from feints is small chain. After feint he should throw his 2nd light ( It looks like driving a needle) it makes him more safe after feint ( this attack working almost like charge, stops enemy attacks) and landing this light gives him top finisher and making pressure on opponents. Also animation is cool and tricky because its not obvious from which side attack is comming.

3rd fix his 50/50 or give him some grab abilitie if his dmg and pressure coming mostly from grab. Or mabye just make his top finisher available without chain? Like shugokis heavy, hold button to make top heavy unlockable

05-16-2017, 09:00 PM
Well hopefully with stat change, gear will no longer carry Kenseis in 4vs4, so Devs will start noticing abundantly clear what we have been saying on this forum.

Good points m8

05-16-2017, 09:03 PM
Kensei shines in 4v4..... He struggles more with 1v1

05-16-2017, 09:14 PM
Kenei is terrible in all game modes. The fact that he didn't get any buffs with this patch is a joke.

05-16-2017, 09:25 PM
Kensei's underpowerdness is a fact since a long time now. He is the feinting master simply because it is NEEDED to open someone at high level.

05-16-2017, 09:28 PM
Kenei is terrible in all game modes. The fact that he didn't get any buffs with this patch is a joke.

Yes but i cant understand why he get nerfs in every patch. Even in his buff patch his deflect get nerf. I do not remember anybody ever complained about him but hi still get nerfs. I did not watch the last stream but i heard for devs its ok that after dash light opponent have free gb... After returning from vacation im just switching to centurion because im lose hope that kensei will be strong ever.