View Full Version : Ubisoft is a complete joke

05-16-2017, 07:36 PM
So the first time I contacted Ubisoft about not getting my platinum trophy they said they were working on the issue and they should have it fixed this was a month ago, today upon the release of the new dlc I asked why the game issues haven't been fixed I was immediately told that it was Sony's problem and i needed to contact Sony, the representative then disconnected the chat....Sony said to try starting the game over or contact the developers as Sony couldn't award trophies lmao....now Ubisoft won't talk to me or comment!!! So I'd like everyone to know what scum bags these *******s are and they don't care about you or your time just about money on new content...realistically the game is **** anyways just wanted another platinum to add to my collection...**** you ubisoft never again will I pay for your ****ing garbage... your support team is a joke that represents another joke of an industry, that won't admit they made a mistake and fix...definitely not the only one with this problem.