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05-16-2017, 05:01 PM
Deus vult infidel! Have you been blessed by Deus and pledged your allegiance to the knights? If so, are you interested in helping the best faction win the faction war? Say no more saracen, our legions are full of dedicated strong men and women who want to reclaim the holy lands and purge the heretic neckbeards and weebs. Join the Holy Sepulchre and lets reclaim the holy lands together through the strength and will of Deus! DEUS VULT! The Holy Sepulchre consists of three orders of knights from all around world: Dawn Legion: EU (UTC 0 to -7) Ash Legion: E NA (UTC 1 to + 7) Frost Legion: W NA/Oceania (Everything Else) We are a community that hosts tournaments and monthly events for every knight to participate in, we also host contests and have a ranking structure based on historical lore in combination with your in-game skill. Our tacticians make War Plans every turn so we can have a better shot at winning the war! We're always looking for good players to join our ranks and prove themselves worthy of their heritage. All Legions cross at the highest level and are one cohesive and friendly community dedicated to making this game an enjoyable experience for every Knight. We are sitting at 850 members and expanding every day, join us and help the Knights reclaim the holy lands! DEUS VULT!

Join the discord!:https://discord.gg/4Zmdv5u or The Order of the Knights Homepage http://for-honor-order-of-knights.launchrock.com/ Use Reddit? Here ya go! :https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonorknights/