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05-15-2017, 04:41 PM
This game it's a fail,completely.

Great potential but for the economy and spend less money you have distrupt his potential great future.

IT'S IMPOSSIBLE end 2 match consecutive for ONLY ONE REASON,the CONNECTION.
But while endig 2 match it's a dream,it's yet difficult END ONE MATCH,cause disconnect for server connection,error in server connection,error in sincornize connection and many other problem ONLY for connection.

Peer to peer instead dedicated server have this consequence.

You have lost an aquirent and all my friend as potential aquirent of other ubisoft stuff.
We will never buy a ubisoft game becouse your administration concentrated to the economy and spend less intead make high quality game, it's a fail administration.

I'm really sorry but this is a true.

Good bye

Valkyrie prestige 22

05-15-2017, 04:51 PM
Rep 22 can't complete two matches in a row? I think that's probably not true. Another whiner......hooray......like we don't have enough of these.

05-15-2017, 05:19 PM
22 Becouse play when game exit by first day with preorder...

22 Becouse i play ever with Valkyrie.

Doesent matter what kind of char you use or how many time you spend in it,the problem rest.

I'v never see a game fail in connection like this one.
Have read everywhere that why ubisoft for dont spend money decide for peer-to-peer instead dedicated server.

Dedicated server have problem too anycase but not like this.
Today with my friend we decide to dont play other at this game cause waste of time,and will not buy other ubisoft stuff for this reason.
Probably when they change direction in administration of making a game,we start to buy again ubisoft game but for now our experience with this soft house end here.

Play at this game it's a waste of time.

Said my level for to explain my pacience on it and experience.

Never they done something for to resolve problem in connection,so they lost aquirent.

Invest money for make the game better is not loss the money ,but get new aquirent while they look only for the aquirent in the momet you buy the game and stop,they work is end for them.