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Plutonium Bug
05-15-2017, 09:28 AM
So tomorrow we start Season 2 with new epic gear!

I really hope you guys are saving up salvage to bring your main from 108 to the new max.

I went trough the patch nodes and did some calculations on how much it will cost to go from 108 to max.

To get all 6 pieces for 1 character max you need 19980 salvage materials.

For a single piece you need 3330 salvage.

Steel is 9450 for a full set and 1575 for 1 piece from level 1 epic to level 5 epic.

so to get from 108 straight to max will cost you 9450 steel and 19980 salvage.

I personally think the steel is fine but almost 20K salvage is quite a bit especially because multiple characters use the same pool.

And they pretty much halved the amount you get from 1 piece now so this will be interesting to see how this goes.

And to be honest with the stat changes and the bigger penalty on Epic gear it will be interesting to see if it is really worth it or just run around in grey/blue or purple.

But also all stats on your current gear will be changed and you probably want to get different pieces to get going.

At least I hope this helps you guys to prepare for season 2 and have an idea of how much you need to get max.

Happy hunting and I hope the RNG gods may be with you!

05-15-2017, 09:50 AM
Well, i'm only sorry for the Steel that has to be spent, since i literally have Salvage coming out of every freaking body part that offers a hole.

21349 Steel stand against 53389 Salvage crap, (more to come as soon as daily orders reset) so i'm pretty glad i can get rid of a good bit there, while Steel, as said, is another story.

05-15-2017, 10:19 AM
im not worried about salvage, its steal that will be the harder part seeing as they up the cost per upgrade.