View Full Version : Falling Down Tech

05-15-2017, 05:07 AM
Im sure its been said in the forums before, but I just want to reiterate the idea because it is very needed.

When being knocked down by a characters move or a revenge mechanic, there should be a specific timing where I can press the dodge button to recover from the knockdown faster.

Its neat that you can be knocked down, but it currently is very frustrating. Too many characters have the ability to knock someone down for free damage or use revenge 1button tactics that make the opposing player useless.

The result ends up in some characters getting 2 free hits on someone thats been knocked down only for them to knock you down again. (Like a LB in revenge only needs to shove for knockdown and its 2 free hits.)

This addition should only be allowed for those with stamina. If you are out of stam (OOS) then you could not recover from a knockdown.

I think it would create more interesting fights especially against someone who is in revenge. If a revenge player Gb/throws me down I can recover (if timed right) and get back into the fight. This also applies to all other characters that have knockdown abilities like the valk.