View Full Version : PHR Season 2 [2v2] Tournament $100!

05-15-2017, 02:36 AM
Next PHR For Honor Tournament is ready!

Tournament: PHR Season 2 For Honor 2v2 Tournament.

Date/Time: Saturday 3rd June 2017 | 5:30PM AEST Start

Registration/More Information: https://battlefy.com/phoenix-rising-australian-gaming-community/phr-season-2-for-honor-2v2-tournament/5918ff5f68a6b9033f416f0d/info?infoTab=details
- Both Pre-Made Teams and Free Agents can register.

Prize: $100 - $50 to each player in the winning 2's team.

If you have any questions please come and speak with us on the PHR Discord | https://discord.gg/9evpydn

Hope to see you there :)


LeverageL1 - PHR Community Leader.