View Full Version : Feedback and Suggestions on Matchmaking and Progression

05-14-2017, 08:56 AM
Hey, folks!

Just wanted to drop in a few thoughts on the game's current state as a player who played at launch, had a bunch of connection issues, and hasn't really been back to play until the last week or so.


My experience with Matchmaking so far since I've been back has been that it's consistently putting me into matches where the majority of players far, far outrank me. Just cracked my first Prestige level last night, but ever multiplayer match I've entered for the past week has put me up against players who are in the teen-Prestige range with 108-level gear.

Now, I completely understand that's due to player numbers being down - it's either that, or have me wait 5 minutes to be in a single 3-minute match against similarly-ranked players - but it doesn't exactly feel "fair" to me, or to the higher-ranked players who get lumped with me on their teams as (relative) dead weight against someone who's full decked out.

The other issue is that in group games, Matchmaking isn't paying any attention to who you're facing off against first - my Prestige 1 self is appearing in front of a Prestige 20 player (making me little more than a speed bump to them) while there are players closer to my rank in the game who I'd likely have more of a chance against.


Granted that I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the game for a while, so this may have been addressed somewhere else - but it feels like there needs to be some clarity on the rewards for playing against bots. Some modes give rewards, some modes give "connection errors," and some people on certain platforms say they get rewards in certain bot-based modes while people on other platforms say they've been told those modes aren't supposed to give rewards.


So with those things in mind, here's the problem I'm having as a returning player: I have no real way to make "progress" that doesn't involve me simply bashing my face into a vastly-outranking-me wall over and over again.

My choices are basically:

1) Hope matchmaking puts me in a match I need to complete my Orders that's against people my rank (which never happens).
2) Grind out AI-based matches that I can generally overpower, but at a much lower pace, and without being able to complete the vast majority of my orders due to "connection" issues.

Basically - I'm in a gap where I can choose to get consistently stomped (not much fun and likely to stop me playing), or I can play modes where I can't complete most Orders (also likely to stop me playing) but make very small amounts of progress against AI that will never help me improve.


So here's what I'd suggest to try and fill that "gap" in the current gameplay:

1) Matchmaking isn't cutting it for new/returning players - there just aren't enough players to provide consistent, progressive challenge.

2) On entering a match, Matchmaking should try and place the most similarly-ranked opponents facing each other, as opposed to randomly determining it (lets lower-ranked people have some semblance of a chance of at least one decent fight).

3) Matches VS AI need to be providing rewards in all modes - though those rewards should be reduced when compared to PvP rewards. This provides progression as a stop-gap for people who otherwise won't score many wins due to the difficulties matchmaking seems to have finding comparable opponents.

4) Allow VS AI matches to designate the AI difficulty level in the Multiplayer/Matchmaking options screen, instead of only being provided as an option in "Custom."

5) With AI difficulty made easier to select, scale Vs AI rewards to the difficulty of the AI opponents - tougher challenges give bigger rewards, and make progression and practice against tougher opponents viable in situations where you just can't find a decent match-up otherwise (with PvP still providing the highest level of reward, followed by high-level Vs AI play).

Anyway, those are just some thoughts as to what I've been seeing the past week or so since I've been back - have yet to find a really "balanced" game in matchmaking and am feeling very much like my "Orders" section is close to useless right now, so these suggestions are some changes that would help keep me interested, able to play, and improving as a player until I might actually be able to hold my own in PvP again.