View Full Version : Why do you do it?

05-11-2017, 07:20 PM
The game itself is really great. The combat system is interactive and interesting... Provided the person you're playing with isn't a colossal A-hole. You know who you are, the person who abuses video game mechanics. You're the Warden spamming shoulder vortex, you're the guy spamming side step r1, you're the guy turtle parrying to the point you aren't even attacking ever, and my question to you is why? What is wrong with you that you can't just play a game for what it is? Why do you feel the need to make the game a banal, boring moment of who can be the bigger A-hole first. I've had duels were the person is straight up never attacking. I've seen people run to the part of the map that best fits their class instead of just engaging their opponent. Do you understand when you actually play the game losing is enjoyable? Don't give me that you're just salty nonesense. If I die fighting someone in a cool, interesting way, I think it's amazing. So, for all the people who do this annoying noob tube using ****, why? Please explain yourself. Why do you want to make games frustrating instead of fun?