View Full Version : Track ranking is not shown

05-10-2017, 11:47 AM
Hi Ubisoft team, :)

The addiction of playing Trackmania Turbo comes from permanently improving your time on a track and comparing it with others worldwide. The possibility of seeing the ranking of one individual track you have at three locations:
(1) after the race is over and you beat your personal best (and climb up in the track ranking),
(2) when you are at the 10-track-overview (e.g. Valley - Red Series), select a track and wait for a second or two (in the upper left area)
(3) when you selected a track (e.g. Track #94) and you are on the page where you select an opponent (Gold/Silver/Bronze/Personal Best/Friends) below the track number.

I guess since the end of 2016, the ranking is not shown anymore at location (3). Even not if you wait for some time.

Additional information:
- The problem is not observed on PC.
- In every recent PS4-Stream or video I watched, the issue is present.
- Some time ago, when it was still working, sometimes e.g. only the world ranking and the country ranking was shown. The state ranking took a bit longer to show up. Since none is shown at the moment, may it be just because of a failed server communication/synchronization? (The ranking is shown at location (2) though!)

I (and hopefully others too) would be really glad, if this issue could be fixed.

Thanks in advance!