View Full Version : George westhouses outfit for jacob

05-09-2017, 09:49 AM
Well basically I have this huge favour to ask from Ubisoft and thousands of other syndicate players want and have been wanting since 2015, well basically I just got back to playing this game since it's launch and I was hoping Ubisoft better have made the outfit yet because it's already been 2 years and I'm talking about George west houses outfit, will Ubisoft ever make his outfit for Jacob Because that outfit is literally the best assassins creed outfit Ubisoft has ever made and a lot of people love it and plus I'd even pay for to use the outfit for the game and I really want that outfit, it really suits the Victorian era and so please Ubisoft if your actually reading this then please make this outfit a DCL or something

05-09-2017, 12:43 PM
His outfit looked pretty good and it's a shame that we didn't get it in Syndicate - as we're probably going to be given an announcement of a new game soon I don't think you should expect Ubisoft to add anymore content for Syndicate at this point. Wish the character had more of a purpose in the story since it would of made the possibility of a Westhouse legacy outfit appearing in a future game more likely.

05-09-2017, 03:15 PM
I do agree with you, op. However I also agree with modernwaffle fir Syndicate us dead and buried now.