View Full Version : How to make FH tourney ready

05-06-2017, 07:45 PM
IMO*. These are must haves. The game is slowly getting there. But the no glitch tourney still shows it's got a lot to do before it's acceptable. anyway these are not debatable. But feel free to add in suggestions of your own:

~having a spectator slot
~having true blue spectator controls
~Allow the choice of individual maps
~better stability
~rebalance of feats
~feats should not be ready to use every round in elimination
~Revive speed as a whole needs tweaking
~Any and all bugs need to be fixed
~any exploits or "tech" need to either be removed or properly implemented
~Heavy class needs major rebalancing
~all zones need to be unsafe on block
~all dash attacks should be safe on block
~chip damage needs to be significant
~OOS needs to be more punishing
~parries need to not guarentee a GB
~parries need to cost stamina
~feint window needs to change so that you can't fall for a baited heavy and still not be punished for it
~dead zones need to be customizable
~remapable controls
~universal guard stance switch
~ledges and spikes need to be toned back both in design and their confirm radius (the range in which the person will be sucked into it)
~lock on needs tweaking. it should be easier to designate who you're trying to lock on to.
~revenge shoves should not knock people down to the ground.
~option to tweak how much friendly fire damage someone can do.
~attack feats shouldn't stack with your attack stat.
~universal set of rules for the tourney's.
~out right ban any map that gives any character to big of an advantage over other characters.