View Full Version : The AFKers that simply REFUSE to learn are the best thing in this game lol

05-05-2017, 11:45 AM
There is a player in this game who is a Warden that I ALWAYS run into. I won't post his gamertag for obvious reasons, but this guys is one of the TRUE scumbags of this game.

I'm talking I saw him AFKing in PvAI before it was a widely known issue and yet I STILL see this guy playing the SAME hero and after ALL THIS TIME still hasn't learned to play his Warden properly. He is Prestige 30 Warden and the match we just got out of he went........wait for it..........4 and 15 lol




as a Prestige 30 Warden with 108 gear

Every time I run into the guy I link him the tutorial videos to the Warden and EVERY TIME he accuses me of hacking because he "Has max level gear and you half half my gear score and yet you kill me. HACKER" Every time I tell him the same thing. To stop spamming overhead heavies and start learning the Wardens kit better. Every time he tells me to take a hike.

Does anyone else repeatedly run into obvious AFKers that STILL have not learned their characters? lol

05-05-2017, 07:20 PM
Wow... Sounds like that dude doesn't understand how the game works in general...

There are times where I am spectating a player and just think to myself "how are you that high of rep while playing that badly." Or the high rep player will just do generally bad the entire game.
Also have those times where I'm going against a rep 18 orochi and all they do is side dodge attacked and get parried.. Like, you survived 18 reps while doing that? I can't wrap my mind around it sometimes lol.