View Full Version : You are going on the right way Ubi, i have some advise for you guys

05-05-2017, 03:43 AM
;) So we have 11 days left till season II release,
What's the point gamer will happy in this update ?
Gear stats and tactic improve, right now we have to choice the right execution and character upon each match. We also put the right Gear sets and feats for each Game mode.
But in the future, as my opinion you guys should make some effect on Emote, I mean emote now can buff damage, amopeneration or stamina regen etc... for short duration (5-10s) to make it become useful during combat.
Salvage from battle loot can be sold for a little steel. All of us - My teams almost own several hundred thousand total salvage from dismantle :)
That's all,
Thank for your update,