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05-04-2017, 09:00 AM
I've been in love with fighting games all my life and I've played 2 of them at a truly high level. There's always characters that have better MU charts than the rest of the cast, but sometimes one manages to fly under the radar. This is pretty much how I see Warlord.
I don't understand how this guy has gone unnoticed for so long. Since launch I've learned (in depth) multiple characters and they all have heroes they're strong against and weak against. But they ALL seem to have a problem with Warlord. I decided to pick him up a little over 2 weeks ago (Warlord) and now I'm even more convinced of his advantages.
This dude has decently fast Lights (all have Superior Block), a fast Top Heavy, Armored Heavy attacks, Unblockable attacks, an Armored Dash attack, Full Block Stance, Block follow-ups (Unblockable), and Parry follow-ups (Unblockable + Stun). No other character has a kit this effective.
I'm sure a bunch of heated Warlords will stomp in here and try to explain why he's not too strong, but he really is (too strong). Be honest with yourselves for the health & longevity of the game. Warlord needs to be toned down or the rest of the cast needs attention (console).

Warlord = A Lawbringer that has Full Block Stance, Superior Block Lights, Armored Heavies, and better mobility.

My .02 /rant

05-04-2017, 09:48 AM
You're a little behind the ball curve here. A lot of people have been saying that Warlord is S/top tier from release. He's very strong but I don't think he's OP. His range is quite short and apart from his neutral game, he doesn't have too many offensive options that chain well. He's basically lights and headbutts (with the occasional heavy thrown in).

As far as your specific points go, a lot of what you mention aren't really that good:
1) Fast lights: this is one of his bread and butter attacks, and is honestly the best part of him. Slowly chipping someone down and poking your opponents can feel quite rewarding. However, if someone is ready to deal with the neutral game (and not too many people expect the neutral game because of the overly defensive meta) his attacks can be parried and you can get an easy heavy after the light parry.
2) Fast top heavy: It's not THAT fast. If you play against Warlord a lot, you will get the hang of parrying it.
3) Super Armour on Heavies: His heavies deal about the same damage as Conqueror. You really don't want to be trading with it if you can help it. Unless it's an assassin, or anyone with a low HP pool, you really don't see this come into play as an actual strategy.
4) Unblockable attacks: Learn to dodge the head butt my dude. Keep a slight distance and abuse the fact that Warlord's range is shorter than whatever you're playing (probably).
5) Armoured dash attack: Parry bait for you. It's slow and telegraphed as hell. Everytime he uses it against you, it should be an easy parry into GB.
6) Full Block: I don't know about console but on PC it's barely usable. The delay from switching to full block means you have to predict lights, and against heavy attacks it's pretty subpar. Just ask any Warlord main like Burg Turgler
7) Block follow-ups: You take less than a light from this and it does not chain into anything else other than another light, or a heavy feint. LB gets either a light or a GB after block shove. If he get's a light, he can throw a heavy (feint able), and if he get's the GB he gets a free heavy and another shove into light or GB 50/50.
8) Parry follow-up: LB has the same thing. However I do agree that it get's a little crazy with the free heavy afterwards (if you didn't parry a left attack; if you are parrying an assassin it doesn't matter where they attack from, you get the heavy).

05-04-2017, 10:38 AM
I find Warlords to be one of the easier characters to fight (xbox this is). There zone attack always hits on your right, so just keeping your guard there if you get to close is a good idea.

Otherwise keeping it up prevents the Warlords dash attack. The only time I see him becoming an issue is when you are out of stamina and the headbutt stab begins. However that down to oneself and not the Warlord.

Basically distance is key, block or parry the telegraphed attacks and try not to trade to many blows.

05-04-2017, 02:27 PM
He is probably the most brutal class on consoles. Way too strong and way too fast.

05-04-2017, 02:52 PM
Its different ways to beat every character. If u cant beat a warlord with any hero its more that you are the problem :) You guys really got to stop trying to destroy this great game. Just try out different tactics. You cant play the same style vs any hero.. Its like a Muay thai fight. You fight a strong clincher with deadly knees and elbows you dont clinch with him. You try to pick him off with kicks and straight punches from the outside. Learn to use range to your advantage. Peace

05-04-2017, 02:53 PM
I am a Warlord main. He is a very powerful but certainly has weaknesses. I do not spam head-butts. I am overly aggressive and that is a problem for a Warlord. Attack distance and stamina are an issue. If I hit you you're going to be in big trouble. If I miss well things could go badly for me. Playing on console is a problem against faster characters like PKs. Many times you cannot react quickly enough to block or counter attacks. Also, the Warlord is easy to counter. His heavy has a long windup and very clear audio announcing what is coming. If you miss the counter though please be aware you will feel a great deal of pain. If a Warlord goes into full guard stance against you just don't attack. It is a big stamina drain and they took away the head-butt out of full guard unless you actually block an attack with it.

05-04-2017, 02:55 PM
He's tough as nails but I dont think he needs a Nerf, although it's a bad idea to trade with him. But since you're talking about heavys I think the Conqueror should get a small buff since he's the only heavy without superarmor. Dosent make sense an assassin gets superarmor and he doesn't.

05-04-2017, 03:56 PM
They nerfed fullblock, attacks made after it are no longer guaranteed and can be blocked, essentially making it useless.

as far as the free heavy after a parry, any class gets a big hit after a heavy, most hit harder than the warlord

05-05-2017, 07:35 AM
Lets say it this way.
Fhtracker says im under the best 6%valks with a KD of 1,57.
My warlord friend got a 1,99kd and is under the best 8%.
Something hast to be Stronger at warlords...