View Full Version : Regarding stamina and its intended purpose

05-03-2017, 09:03 PM
If the purpose of stamina is to limit a players offense and punish them for over-extending, then why are certain character's (ie warden, conqueror, lawbringer) unblockable slams built around the philosophy of resulting in damage to the other players stamina AND health? That essentially ensures that one player stays on offense the entire time, and seems to betray that aspect of its design.

Forget the fact some of these attacks are unreactable guessing scenarios (subtracting lawbringer), the real problem with them is that they effectively deny the other person from ever recovering long enough to attack. And every warden knows full well the moment they bully the other person into the gray, its time to go buck wild because there is nothing they can really do about it. And the longer they keep slamming the person, the longer they stay in the gray.

Now, this may be considered a B-level issue compared to the defensive meta problem, and I can understand why most competitive players would want to overlook it as its currently a limited counter to that problem and perhaps the lesser of two evils. At some point, however, it's going to need to be addressed. I don't think this game was intended to be played by ignoring its core stance system and just spamming a single unblockable attack with slightly different timing to control every aspect of the matches pacing.

And as long as they damage stamina too, they will always be more effective than any other kind of attack as they are both ideal for long term offensive momentum and long term defense recovery as the enemy can't effectively respond on a depleted gauge.