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05-03-2017, 05:41 PM
...and that takes place during the First Civilization era?

(OK guys, keep in mind I'm currently at the beginnig of ACIV, so, please, no spoilers beyond this point)

=== A Few Spoilers about the 1st games below ====

Don't you guys think that a game in which we could play as Clay Kaczmarek in the present day and as Eve and Adam in the First Civ Era would be awesome? As Clay, we would "create" the puzzles he left for Desmond, and as Eve and Adam, we would play the "actual" AC game

Also, do you remember how AC games keep saying that the war between Templars and Assassins has been happening from time immemorial, and that not Templars nor Assassins know exactly how everything started? And if it all started during the First Civ?

If I recall correctly, according to the lore, we were created as slaves to carry out simple tasks, and we were continually evolved to carry out more elaborated tasks

So, and if, by the time of Adam and Eve generation, a certain organization advocated the freedom of the slaves, created as we were by the image of our creators? An organization that led Eve and Adam to the means of their escape from Eden - the Apple, the Shroud and a very peculiar hidden blade. And which was, of course, opposed by another organization, which advocated the superiority of the Creators and aimed for the perfect world, through the control of the whole society (and that would be later carried on by Cain in the "new world")

Don't know about you guys (and gals), but I'd love to play this game :) What about you?

05-03-2017, 11:58 PM
Personally... not for me. I think there are already many great modern day games, in fact Ubisoft make some excellent ones.

AC fans are divided between the story fans and the historical game fans. I know this will sound like terrible to you but, all the MD and first CIV stuff was driving me crazy, it was constantly interrupting the game for me and others.

But I appreciate that there are many who like all the fantasy, the lore and the Desmond walking round a cave or arena (when I would prefer to be back playing as an Assassin...) to me, MD/ 1st CIV was just there to show how and why we use the animus... and explain that we do not die because these are just memories that we can access again and again until we get it right.

If you are talking about a totally standalone game... that doesn't get released as a big part of an Assassin's creed game, I'd support that... I'd even pre-order and never download or play (if it meant Assassin's creed games never had any MD or 1st CIV in them :) jk )

AC games have something for everyone (which is why they are so good) and although they are promoted as a historical assassin game, I have no objection to MD or 1st CIV being included because, AC needs something for ALL

I have suggested before a way that Ubisoft could use their previous game ideas to incorporate MD/ 1st CIV into the game and make it integral rather than just a story filling that imposes a break from the historical gameplay. I tend to skip all cutscenes and any out of animus parts but if they were actually gameplay that related to the historical side I'd be very happy for me as well as the story fans :)

You should start this thread in the console section... there are a lot of pc users there as well... and an awful lot of lore/ MD/ 1st CIV fans too.. I think you'd get a lot of support

05-04-2017, 11:36 PM
"Personally... not for me. I think there are already many great modern day games, in fact Ubisoft make some excellent ones."
Oh, but it wouldn't be a modern day game, you know, because the 1st Civ was a highly developed society and we all know that such highly developed societies don't use guns. Only poison/berserk darts, laser swords and hidden blades ;)

It's funny you know, I always loved the Abstergo/Desmond sections, sometimes even more than the "real" game. Ubi could even give me a game solely with those sections and I wouldn't complain

IMHO those sections provide great insight about the lore and the protagonists (and I'm a sucker for stories, to the point that I'll watch a cutscene again if I believe I lost something). And I also loved the puzzles. Luckily for you I don't make AC games, I'd infested them with those sections :D

But I also think those parts should be completely optional, as they are very different from the main gameplay. You wanna dive into the story? Go ahead and play them. You wanna dive into action? Ignore them completely.

BTW, if MD stands for Mediterranean Defense, I hated it. The only one I did was the mandatory one

05-05-2017, 12:23 AM
No MD is Modern Day that is what all us fans call the sections with Desmond or the parts in an office or away from the animus machine. Although I'd rather be on the deck of a ship in the middle of a battle in a storm :)

But as I said, the trouble is the two are separate items... and if they were joined together I'd have no problem. I suggested we use the animus to jump through history into different assassins while we track items through the years till we locate it in the MD... then we leave the animus and (maybe guided by Minervas advice ) we try to beatt the Abstergo/ Templars (guided by Juno) to the item and bring it back to the safe house.

The items could be (possibly) parts of a machine (that might allow us to move between dimensions and meet the first CIV or even travel through time not just by memories)
It could be set over a trilogy or several games to be completed... it might just be a super computer that has all the information about the 1st Civ, lore, all the test subjects and how to use the apple of eden powers that have not been found yet... to repair the world and mankind.

It is difficult for Ubisoft to accept ideas because peple could sue etc.... but These are Ubisofts ideas from previous games, jumping through history is the time rifts in Unity, following items through the years is from AC3 and Achilles necklace, collecting items in the MD is like collecting anything or missions in any ac game.

Also there could be multiplayer Assassins vs Templars... racing to get an item while setting traps or assassinating other players :)