View Full Version : Ideas: New Gamemodes (1v1v1, 3v3v3, Attack/Defence)

05-02-2017, 06:34 PM
I've seen some ideas floating around here and the For Honor reddit about a 1v1v1 mode, which I'm fully in favour of: having a free-for-all style of gamemode could introduce some new ways to play the game and really suits the whole '3 factions all against each other' vibe the story thrives on (and I'd love to remake that dope intro cinematic in the trailer.)

In terms of other gamemodes, what do you guys think about adding a more asymmetrical type of gamemode, like an attack/defence map? Similar to what happens in the story missions (MINOR SPOILERS) with the battering ram and the Viking beach invasion, with multiple stages and points you need to capture, scaling walls, be able to use ballistae and trebuchets from the defending side, and probably more cool opportunities I can't think of. There are some problems with the gameplay, like whether the ram would move if it was contested which would make it impossible to attack with fast respawn times, and a host of other problems; its easy for either side to have the advantage that would spoil the gamemode. If balanced right though, it could lead to some really amazing gameplay and perhaps make classes even more strategic, and might vary up the gameplay more than Dominion's 'try to capture these 2 points on the map at all times.' This could also double up as a PvE style gamemode if you play with bots, basically like co-op but 4 player on some maps.

It'd be nice to have other variations of the free-for-all style of gamemode too, maybe 2v2v2 and 3v3v3 with classes tied to a specific faction, so at the start of the match you select what faction you want to play as and you have to play classes in that faction. It wouldn't be restricted by your overall faction but could add to the feeling of being loyal to a faction and playing alongside other Knights/Vikings/Samurai. This could be solved with a 'modifier' I see on the matchmaking screen but can't change; if we were able to control them we could just set 'lock faction' on or off and that gives us the option of a 3v3v3 with or without factions.

There might be some other threads that have covered this but I thought I'd add my 2 cents on the matter. If you guys have any other ideas for gamemodes I'd love to hear them; with any luck it could be added in later seasons. I'm sure some of this has already crossed Ubiteam's mind; I'm glad they're continuing to support the game with new heroes and cosmetics and I hope they consider adding new gamemodes too that are a bit more complex; anyone who's played Rainbow Six Siege understands what I'm going for :)

Thanks for reading my wall of text, deus vult and all that... :cool: