View Full Version : For Honor big problems~

05-01-2017, 01:35 AM
Searching AI match:
This 3 to 4 days i wake up 6am - 7am and try to play for honor "Player VS AI". everytime i search a match i have to wait to join at least 3 player to join the match together or unitl a players leave the match~~~ and i have to waiting like *******~~

Question: Why we can't auto create a match 1P & 3AI VS AI (if others match is full), so others player can join slowly~~~

AI Fighting:
Before i had complain the lvl 2 AI was insane couse mayb i'm not good~~ now i feel the lvl 2 AI more insane~~
lvl 2 AI now they know how to throw player out the place and know how to assassin from the top~

Question: Why we don't have random the AI (couse now a match is depend luck) or we can choose the AI depend Rep (example: if the next match got Rep 2 x 2 and Rep 15 x 2, so the AI will lvl 1 x2 and lvl 2 x 2.

Conclusion: I only can told Ubisoft online game is not worth to buy, and this i my last online game from Ubisoft.