View Full Version : Rework idea - more depth for the Conqueror

04-30-2017, 02:31 PM
Everyone knows Conqueror has 2 options to win turtleing or SB-Spam. Both are boring for everyone and are inconsistent.
If a player fights a Conqueror in a high-Tier Duel nobody attacks, because has best defense but is realy hard punishable if he attacks.
My rework idea will hopefully solve the problem on the paper.



Conqueror cannot parry anymore
"Superior Block" gets replaced with "Draining Block"
Conqueror ability to counter GB gets replaced with "Unbreakable Stance"
Full-Block Stance now blocks knockback and other CC, but blocking CC cost very much stamina
switching guard cost stamina
switching Guard gives 0.2 sek "Superior Draining Block"
switching Guard has a 0.1 sek cooldown

"Draining Block"

blocked lights or heavys do chip damage
blocked lights or heavys don't get interrupted
blocking heavys doesn't interrupt the conqueror
stamina consumption of attacks hitting "Draining Block" is the same as hitting normal block, but the stamina regeneration of the attacker gets disabled for 2 sek

"Superior Draining Block"

is like a "Superior Block" - "Draining Block" - hybrid

"Unbreakable Stance"

enemys cannot GB a Conqueror with "Unbreakable Stance"
if the Conqueror take damage, except chip damage, he lose the "Unbreakable Stace" for 5 sek


top attacks gets increased hitstun and knockback
if the conqueror succesfully hits a enemy with a top attack, the next chained attack gets increased attackspeed
conqueror is now able to walk during his zone-attack
if the conqueror GB his enemy, can use "Suffocating Chain"
conqueror can now use "Hooking Suggestion"

"Suffocating Chain"

Is like the triple Stab of PK a attack that can only be used during GB. After the Conqueror GBed his opponent, he lay his flail around his neck, turn around and draw 3 times on his flail. Everyone of the 3 hit deals 25 stamina damage.

"Hooking Suggestion"

Is the new main offensiv tool. The Conqueror hooks the enemy with his flail, draws the enemy to himself and stuns the enemy with his shield. To use the move you walk backwards and press the GB Button. (Like the long arm of LB)

the hit with the flail deals 5 damage and the hit with the shield 15 stamina damage (+ 15 normal damage with feat) + stun effect
has knockdown if enemy is out of stamina or you have revenge mode on
can be used during Full-Block Stance,the charging of his heavy and directly after a shield bash
stamina consumption is around 1/2 of the total and if you get out of stamina during the attack, you get knocked down

this Rework should give the Conqueror more diversity and give him the role of a "Stamina-Drainer".
This are just fun ideas and some changes could get removed or added to make it balanced.
If u have other fun ideas for reworks for the conqueror or other character, please don't hesitate to write them down.