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04-30-2017, 02:53 AM
most people aren't gonna like what i have to say but i think in the long run it would be healthy for the life of the game if you could only have one of each hero on a team in 4v4 modes, a lot of games do this these days rainbow six over watch, i just think it would be a smart move

04-30-2017, 04:05 AM
Those games don't put you at a stat disadvantages if you someone else picks your main. As long as gear matters, locking warriors is unfair to players with less time to level and gear multiple alternates.

04-30-2017, 02:53 PM
I've made the same complaint weeks ago but no one cares. It's a great idea and it will force people out of just one character. there is no need for people to only have a single hero to main. It only takes 3 REP to get top armor. it does not take long and helps prevent the 3 to 4 peacekeeper games. If i ever see 3 to 4 assassins on the other team I just leave. do not care about the team, ubisoft, or the for honor community, nothing. I will not sit through a game of spamming assassins. nothing about that is fun to me so i just leave. If ubisoft fixes problem then i stay. but until then

04-30-2017, 04:06 PM
I'm all for this, though they need to do something about the gear progression/ obtaining as well.

Facing a complete team of the same heroes is a pain/ not very fun (depending on the hero).
From a playing perspective it's very time consuming to use more than one hero in a competitive state (not even talking about learning the tricks of said hero).
There isn't much competition in bringing a gray geared hero to a 108 gearstat fight. You get stomped, laughed at and don't even learn the hero as you can't do anything to begin with.
(for people saying "gearing up a hero doesn't take much time, please note some of us work 40 hours a week and also have a house/ family to maintain).

With this suggestion i would also suggest the following:

All gear obtained from fights are cosmetic only. Same as emotes, executions and other visual effects.

Each piece of gear has 100 points of "stats", which you can distribute among the different features of said piece.

A blade for example has the stats "Attack", "Defense" and "Stamina Cost Reduction"
- If you wish to make a pure offensive blade you could throw all your points into "Attack" (100% attack blade).
- If you wish to go half attack, half defense you could do a 50/50 in both "attack" and "defense"
This way you can set-up your hero(s) as you like in multiple fields. (3 pre-sets per hero x 12 heroes is a lot of customization options stat wise).

Only 1 of the same hero in each game (per team).

Feats should stay level restricted. You earn enough steel to unlock them early (which is only 4K steel to begin with).
Same with level based cosmetics and such.

I think this would make balancing the heroes a lot more easy, and the playerbase less one sided.
"Flavour of the week" builds could be corrected a lot more easily, without hurting the mains for said characters, and it would encourage players to test more heroes in this game.
(I myself have been playing Nobushi since open Beta. Every now and then i think "was this really the character for me" (consoles + mixups for Nobushi are limited), but seeing my level and gear, as well as the upcoming new heroes i don't really dare to change).

04-30-2017, 06:05 PM
This wont work because if 2 people share a main and cant choose there main they WILL leave the match