View Full Version : Nobushi problems/ fixes suggestions.

04-29-2017, 11:16 PM
There are some problems i have noticed with the Nobushi.
Things most of us probably have heard about, though i still wish to address it (ones again).

When it comes to the defense department we all know Nobushi has a very slow guard change, which against most spam-happy individuals means a confrontation means either losing 75% of your health or death.
Swapping Stance is much slower than most offensive "guard" switches in this game, meaning getting hit from one side, and tyring to defend it, opens up your other side with nothing you can do (except dying).

Now let me clear one thing up first... I'm not going to ask for a stance swap speed increase, as i don't think the Nobushi needs this.
What they do need is a way to disengage enemies. Movement tricks, fleet feet, or things akin to that.
Dodging back/ sideways hardly seems to move the Nobushi.
I've been hit with jump attacks, initiated barely/ not within my range, which hit me right in the kisser even when i dodged backwards.

For movement i have the following suggestions:
1) Increase the movement of the nobushi dodges.
2) Make Nobushi Dodges a "movement" option:

Using sideways dodge multiple times will result in a "quick-step" like movement, where dodges will be chained instantly after reaching the max range of the previous dodge.
Using backwards dodge multiple times will make you do 2 "quick-step" dodges, rather than a single dodge before entering a roll.

These extra dodges will cost stamina, around 5-10% of your stamina bar, for each additional dodge (any dodge which follows a previous dodge within a 0.5/ 1 second timeframe).

A second thing i wish to address for the Nobushi is opening up turtling enemies.
With the slow guard swap its hard to surprise an enemy, as they can often adjust their block accordingly (and faster) than you can set up your own attack.
Going for a guard break is a easy way to get stomped by an average turtle, and one of the failsave ways of opening someone requires either prepping (hidden stance) or landing a single hit (see the problem here already): The kick.

For this i wish to suggest adding the Kick as optional follow-up to two movements:

Front-Dash + Guardbreak.
Sprint + Guardbreak.

By having two new "fast" options to open up an enemy.

Last thing i would like to address are feats.
A single Nobushi feat, and a "samurai" class wide feat:

Tier 2: Arrow Strike (Nobushi)
Tier 4: Arrow Storm (All Samurai)

Arrow strike is a "moderate damage " version of the much larger "medium damage" arrow storm.
People who know/ have used these feats can tell you one thing: "Its slow".
It takes about 2 seconds between firing the arrows and the actual arrows hitting the targeted area.

The targeting area of Arrow Strike is extremely small.
The enemy has to be both standing still and oblivious of the incoming attack if you wish to hit someone with this.
Arrow Storm is a better sized attack, although it moves slow and is easily dodged.

For these two the following suggestions:
Give Arrow Strike the area of effect + animation of Arrow Storm.
Increase the Area of Arrow Storm by about 2-3 times its current size.

For Arrow stike i would also suggest decreasing the damage to low. Make it able to kill the small minions, and damage a hero for about half its health (if they are hit by multiple follies).
For Arrow Storm i would also suggest scaling the damage down a bit. It should be deadly if they het hit by about 75% of the follies (which would mean around 10 follies).
This change to arrow storm should be applied to all Samurai Arrow Storms.

Please let me know what you people think.