View Full Version : RB6 doesn't launch

04-29-2017, 10:26 PM
Hi Guys,

so I haven't played RB6 in about half a year and wanted to try it out about 2 months ago again. But unfortunatley it doesn't seems to work anymore. I had some weird error message right after the start of the game, so I decided to contatct the Ubisoft Support. Well, the Steam Support is slow and I thought it can't be worse, but well I haven't received a response within 2 months. I can't really blame the people working there, its most likely just Ubisoft not hiring more people but whatever.

I really lost the fun on many video games, but I would love to play some RB6 again, but why, why do you guys have to have your own crappy, not working uPlay? I have ONE GAME on there which doesn't even work?? And the support doesn't seem to care either, or actually I should say Ubisoft. If Ubisoft would release the greatest game ever, I wouldn't buy it, just because of the fact that I would have to deal with Ubisoft.

So here is my problem. After I tried to launch RB6 today just to check if some miracle might have happened, I got a new error. After hitting Play nothing happens. No error, nothing just the circle spinning next to my cursor. A few seconds later I can hit Play again but nothing happens.

Is there any possible way someone could help me to get this game working, or should I just sell my account straight away?