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04-28-2017, 10:53 AM
Top Eyes "Eye discharge: How serious is it?" Discharge from the eyes, squinting, redness or clouding may indicate some sort of injury to the eyes or eye disease. In case of conjunctivitis, the eye discharge could be either watery or pus-like. Other causes include parasitic infections, like ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, etc. Eye discharge may also be caused by medical conditions like dry eye, hypothyroidism, corneal ulcers, fever, herpes, vision problems, eye tumor, infectious hepatitis, distemper, ectropion, glaucoma, etc. In case of dry eye, the discharge will be sticky, whereas in epiphora, watery discharge can be observed. Proshred Elite (http://www.potentmuscles.com/proshred-elite) It has also been noted that certain breeds with flat heads and protruding eyes are prone to develop eye discharge. With dogs, you'll always have to face the problem of restricting him/her from scratching the eye, in case of an infection. Talk to the vet about getting a protective collar in order to prevent the infection from aggravating. Are there other symptoms of eye trouble? Your dog will exhibit signs of painful eyes by scratching them or twitching. He/she may appear to be squinting, and could turn extra sensitive in well-lit areas.