View Full Version : New characters = 15k steel to unlock, cannot be played without unlocking

04-28-2017, 10:30 AM
As the title says, the upcoming Centurion and Shinobi classes will cost 15,000 steel to unlock (literally 3 times the cost of the standard characters) and will be unplayable until you pony up the cash, with the exclusion of practice mode. This, combined with the fact that Season Pass owners will have access to them without needing to pay the steel, and will be able to play them a week earlier than anybody else, gives a selection of the playerbase a huge advantage over the rest in terms of versatility as well as a head-start on learning and levelling up the new characters.

So, is anybody else worried that they'll purposely make these two classes stupidly overpowered to further incentivise people to pay up in order to play them? The fact that a small selection of players will have access to these classes before everybody else, as well as the stupidly high price tag and inability to be played without unlocking makes me very concerned about the future of this game. All these factors provide an undeniable advantage to players who buy steel/season passes. And unlike the other Steel based things, you can't just argue that this "is just cosmetic".

Not impressed, Ubisoft.