View Full Version : The Truth about Lawbringer

04-28-2017, 10:08 AM
There is a mis- conception that has arisen after a certain player made a video about the new LB 50 /50.

What he didn't tell you is that the LB's shove leads into his HA, LA, HA chain. What does that mean? Just because you dodge the light DOES NOT MEAN you can always go for a GB because the LB can choose to follow through with a HA which will beat your GB. And remember, if he does a top heavy he will get a guaranteed light after that.

So at this point we have established that the LB can either:
1) GB you after shove
2) Heavy feint after shove
3) Light attack after shove
4) Light attack with a heavy attack follow up

Make your own opinions people, because at this point if these are the kinds of mechanics the community are okay with than I suppose this is the direction FH is going. I mean, look at how dumb the Warden still is and people still justify the character so I suppose my final point is simple...

Git gud :cool:

04-28-2017, 11:36 AM
lol LB is just a bully and seems he was maken for people like that look at the intro video, That woman started a whole war while they where almost putting there differences to the side lol :P. But siriously LB feels like a Toxic factor at this point. Even the bot plays like cancer if I'm testing something with feets on hahaha lol.

Don't care if you don't like my opinion. I main a Peacekeeper.