View Full Version : Ok so.

04-28-2017, 12:55 AM
I spend a hundo on this game and i get nothing in one of the rounds no explanation and an event order to receive it when everyone got it, then nothing for the season win still waiting, then told a crapdate destroyed a move of my favorite hero cause it was an exploit when it was made that way do not understand that but whatever knew they would pull crap like that for the cry babies, then told the season pass just gives me one week early access and the content already unlocked with 3 ornaments, 3 emblem icons and 1 paint scheme and now they are just deleting my post about it cause i should just shut up and deal with it FFO. I thought the point of season passes was the exclusive content, not one game i have bought gave DLC to non-season pass holders just for playing what a joke and don't care what anyone has to say or how you feel FO with your opinions, comments or suggestions. I am done and you can FU**ING ban me from the forums cause i give up FU** every last one of ya.